About us
Nissin Shurui Co., Ltd. is
sake and shochu brewery in Tokushima Japan.
Nissin Shurui Co., Ltd. has employed traditional techniques since the middle of the 19th century to brew sake and shochu, and developed a diverse line of other alcoholic beverages including liqueur, fruit sakes and mirin. We are especially esteemed for our Sudachi-chu and Naruto Kintoki Satomusume shochu products which have the unique natural bounty of the Awa area.
Nissin Shurui uses up-to-date, eco-friendly equipment in a production line that is concentrated for high efficiency and strict quality management.
Sudachi-chu Awa Fragrance
Liqueur made with the succulent juice of
sudachi fruit harvested between late
August and late September. A clean
taste, combining refreshing acidity with
moderate bitterness. Serve it on the
rocks, and also mixed with soda.
●Contents 700ml/720ml/750ml
●Alcohol content 20%

* Sudachi is a dark green citrus fruit
  from Tokushima Prefecture
Awa Tensui Junmai Ginjoshu
A superb mixture of umami, tart, sweet,
and bitter tastes. A distinctive sake with
clean taste and a slight sharpness on
the throat. Serve chilled or lukewarm,
and enjoy the variety of flavors.
●Contents 1800ml/720ml
●Alcohol content 15%
●Ingredients: Awa Yamadanishiki rice
●Rice polish: 55%
Naruto Kintoki SatomusumeGenuine Imo Shochu
Genuine shochu handcrafted through a traditional process, using sweet potatoes grown in the temperate climate and mineral rich sandy seaside soil of Tokushima. The potato provides a mild and distinctive flavor.
●Contents 700ml/720ml
●Alcohol content 25%
●Ingredients: Sweet potato, malted rice

* Naruto Kintoki is one of the famous sweet potato brand.
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